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Solar or Hand Crank Powered AM/FM Radio

Solar or Hand Crank Powered AM/FM Radio
Green Solar Radio White Solar Radio Speaker Radio Tuner
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Never miss an important game or your favorite NPR show again with this handy AM/FM radio. Powered by the sun's rays it will play for seven hours when fully charged. Or use the hand crank on rainy days. Turn it for just one minute and the radio will play back for about thirty minutes. The Solar Radio measures just 3.25" x 3" x 2.25" which makes it extremely portable. Perfect for camping, doing dishes, working in the yard, or tinkering in the shop. No batteries or plug-in required.

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product reviews

Michael Mahan
Sep 1, 2015
This little guy is awesome. Volume and fidelity surprising good for such a small appliance, whether playing Live From the Met or the Allman Brothers. Get it in white, so you won't loose it in the garden. The solar power works well even under overcast skies!I never go camping, but if I did, I wouldn't be without it.
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Jul 16, 2014
Handy little radio! It works great, and it's easy to charge and use. It's really nice to have with me in the garden because of the solar power function. I get decent radio reception, and the volume can go really high. I haven't used the hand crank very much yet since the weather has been nice, but when I tested it out, it also worked well.
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Mary B.
Jul 9, 2014
I bought it to put in my garden while I work. It gets a full blast of sun and plays all day. The sound quality is clear, and gets pretty loud. Also, pretty durable. My dog, while was chasing something, knocked the radio off my patio table and it landed with a big “crack!” - but kept playing and still works! So far I could not be more pleased.
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Gregory M.
Apr 25, 2014
This radio is great for outdoor listening, I personally hate buying batteries so the solar is great. And even when it’s overcast, I can just turn the crank for a minute and get half an hour of playback. It also has a headphone jack which is nice. It’s a good device for the park, cafe or a day walking around.
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Jeremy R.
Mar 17, 2014
A great inexpensive emergency or camping radio - can be hand cranked to power, or just charged using the sun. Very easy to pack due to its surprisingly small size, and it’s sturdy enough that I don’t worry about it being banged around a bit. I’ve used it while camping and I was very impressed by the sound quality. I went to a store to look at other models, and I don’t think more expensive models are worth it- they don’t sound that much better and they weighed a lot more. Overall, a great portable radio for the price point.
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