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Point It: Traveller's Language Kit

Point It: Traveller's Language Kit
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The Point It: Traveller's Language Kit is a passport sized picture dictionary containing 1200 photos generated from the author's own travels to over 100 different countries. If you're travelling abroad and don't speak the language, Point It enables you to simply point to the item you are in need of instead of hauling out the bulky language dictionary/translator, searching for the correct term, and then trying to pronounce the word. This compact, light-weight book will help you order the correct meal in Germany, France, or Italy, or get you to the train station in New Delhi or Mexico City. No need to carry multiple translation books. Point It contains many of the essential items a traveler will want and need.

Critics say:

“If you prefer to travel with more old-fashioned technology, there is a pocket-sized picture book that will help you survive almost any travel situation." Wanderplex (6/2/11)

"If you’ve missed the Point It book over the years, it’s one of those strokes of simple genius…. Described as a “traveller’s language kit” it actually sidesteps language altogether by taking out all those pesky spoken and written words.” AdventuresAllAround (4/11/12) 

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product reviews

Jul 16, 2014
I found this to be really helpful when I visited China recently. I only know a few words of Chinese, so it was a great travel book to have with me, especially in restaurants. It's very small and thin, which made it easy to put in my bag and not worry about it taking up too much space. There is no index and the pictures are kind of small, but otherwise it is a useful book that I will take along on my future trips.
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Jeff J.
Jul 10, 2014
This book is much smaller than one would expect, but I think that is a plus because it fit into my backpack pocket more easily while I walked around with my family on vacation. Its really useful for clarifying what kind of food, drink, or toilet you want. Don’t know how to ask if they have “cream cheese” for your bagel? Dilemma instantly solved. The other sections I can also imagine coming in handy – for example the “hotel fixtures” section, for if a light or heater is broken. Broadly, the major sections are: Food; Hotel; Transportation; Shopping; Leisure & Sport; Health & First Aid; and several world and continent maps. An invaluable tool for travelers who are not fluent.
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