Useful Things Weekly Link Round-Up

Are You Spending More on Car Insurance Than You Need To?
Paying for coverage you don’t need? Find out.

“When Should You Downgrade Your Car Insurance?”

Wine Picks for Spicy Food
Don’t limit yourself to beer or cocktails when eating spicy food. Find out what wines will work with the heat.

“Wines for Hot and Spicy Foods”

Wirelessly Transmit Audio to Multiple Rooms
Wires tripping you up? Go wireless with the Sony S-Airplay and you’ll be able to listen to music anywhere in your house.

“Sony S-AIRPLAY wireless audio system”

Manage Your To-Do List on the Go
If you’re a Windows user, ToDoList offers features other task managers don’t—the ability to track nested tasks.

“ToDoList Handles Subtasks Galore”

Travel Scams to Avoid
Don’t get ripped off while you’re on vacation. Check out these scams to be aware of.

“Beware of Scams, Especially When Traveling”

Balance Your Work Life with the Rest of Your Life
Try these tips and you may find yourself working more efficiently, and spending less time at work.

“Fourteen Techniques for Improving your Work-Life Balance”

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