Useful Things Weekly Link Round-Up

How-to Compost in an Apartment or City Living Space
Just because you live in an urban area doesn’t mean you can’t compost. Check out these great tips for how-to compost in small spaces, and what to do with it.

“Smart Composting Tips for Urban Gardeners & Apartment Dwellers”
via Webecoist

Where to Recycle Eyeglasses, Printer Cartridges, and Mobile Phones
If you have any of the three piling up in your home, consider donating your items to organizations that can make use of them.

“Charitable Recycling: Eyeglasses, Printer Cartridges and Mobile Phones”
via Care 2

Microwave with Built-in Pizza Oven
This Kenmore microwave comes with a separate pizza oven. It functions completely independently of the microwave, so you can cook your pizza and pop your popcorn at the same time.

“The Kenmore Countertop Microwave with built-in Pizza Oven”
via Coolest Gadgets

Four Multi-Search Engines for Better Web Browsing Experience
Tired of your current search engine? Here are four multi-search engines for you to try, plus three more bonus sites worth checking out.

“4 Multi-Search Engines You Should Consider For Your Home Page”
via MakeUseOf

Share and Find New Adventures
The site Diddit allows you to share your adventures with others, and find new adventures for you to embark on.

“List Your Adventures with Diddit”
via Stepcase Lifehack

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