Useful Things Weekly Link Round-Up

How-to Read, and Use, Stock Quotes
Most people don’t know how to read stock quotes, and yet their retirement, life insurance, and other plans are invested in stocks. This tutorial will give you a quick break down.

“Stock Quotes: How to Read — and Use — Them”
via Stepcase Lifehack

Quick Exercises You Can do at Work
It’s hard to stay in shape when you work long hours. Try these easy exercises you can do at work, and in your car, that will help keep you fit and limber.

“Exercise on the Job”
via The Dollar Stretcher

Fourteen Unhealthy “Health” Foods
The author’s of Eat This, Not That! talk about fourteen health foods that really aren’t that healthy, and give you better alternatives.

“Fourteen Health Foods That Aren’t”

Get More Battery Life out of Your Gadgets
Popular Mechanics’ shows you how to make small, easy adjustments to your gadgets to improve the battery life. Follow their guide, and the batteries on your cameras, laptops, MP3 players, and cell phones will last longer.

“How to Improve Battery Life on Any Gadget”
via Popular Mechanics

Landline Hub Offers Touchscreen, Visual Voicemail, and More
The Verizon Hub for landline phones has a 7 inch touchscreen and offers visual voicemail, local traffic alerts, weather updates, a calendar, movie trailer previews, and more. It requires a $35 a month subscription.

“Verizon Launches A Pretty Hub For Landline Phones”
via Wired

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