How-to Choose a Smarter Computer Password

Are you always at a loss when it comes to choosing a password for an online site? Do you use the same password for everything? Is it something obvious, like your birth date or your pet’s name? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re in need of a better, more secure, password. In today’s world, where it’s the norm to shop and even pay bills online, it’s essential that you protect your personal information. Don’t become a victim of identity theft just because your online password wasn’t strong enough.

In this article for The Bottom Line, Gina Trapani of says: “The safest passwords are nondictionary words of at least eight characters that contain a combination of numbers and lowercase and uppercase letters.” Yikes, you say? Don’t worry. Gina has an easy three-step system for creating high-security passwords. For starters, she suggests using a “mnemonic device to come up with your ‘core’ password.” Next, she shows you how to use your core password to create unique, but easy to remember, variations. For even more security, she discusses how to layer your variation. Each level of security is nearly impossible to crack, but easy enough for you, the password generator, to decipher should you ever forget. Take her advice and live a safer existence in the virtual world.

“A Smarter Computer Password”

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