Cut Your Water Use to Save Money and Protect Our Natural Resources

Inflation is creeping into every aspect of life. Gas, food, clothing, and yes, even the price of water. All over the country, people are reporting high increases in their monthly water bills. What can you do if you’re feeling the pinch? Joseph Truini, in an article for Popular Mechanics, shares 15 tips for saving water, and money. From where to cut back in the kitchen and bathroom, to how to save water while gardening and working outdoors, his ideas won’t take much of your time, but the pay-off could be big.

Saving water isn’t just about putting cash back into your wallet, however. As a natural resource, it’s important to protect and conserve our clean water supplies. So, take a few minutes out of your day and check your pipes for leaks and drips, and take a weekend and install aerators and insulate your pipes. The environment—and your checkbook—will thank you.

“15 Smart Ways to Save Water (and Money)”

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