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A Guide To Unusual Hammers: Looking Beyond Nails

 — Nov 17, 2014

Everyone likes to hammer things, at least until they get tired. Whether you've got to hit a nail or assemble ikea furniture, a hammer will enter your life like an old friend you haven't seen in a long time and help you along the way. ...
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Five Unexpected Uses for the Cheese Grater

 — Nov 6, 2014

The humble cheese grater has been a faithful, porous kitchen standby since milk first rotted into something delicious. Its utility cannot be underestimated and it wouldn't hurt a fly unless you grabbed it and dragged it across the surface. But every so often we go into the kitchen, ...
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How To Survive Attacks From Lesser Known Monsters

 — Oct 30, 2014

Thousands of guides have been written on how to survive a zombie attack, from the slow creepers of Night of the Living Dead to the near Olympic level sprinters in World War Z. You can ask anyone how to kill a werewolf or vampire and ...
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