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Classic & Cheap 80s Costumes: A Great Guide

 — Oct 16, 2014

Hello there pursuers of the practical, we at Useful Things found a really cool 80s Movie Costume Guide made on Found Item Clothing. They've got some great costumes complete with their associated movies, and where to find the items. We've included some of their awesome examples below. ...
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Useful Baking Hacks

 — Oct 9, 2014

As the temperature cools off, it's time to turn on those ovens and start baking! As the holidays approach you may find yourself going into baking overdrive, which means you might run out of some key ingredients! Thankfully, we're here to provide some emergency solutions ...
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Top 7 Most Useful Internet Tricks

 — Oct 2, 2014

The Internet is easily the most useful thing in our lives for finding information, but now that its primary established purpose is to upload and curate cat videos, it can be hard to stay productive on the net. Fortunately, we've compiled the most useful internet tricks that ...
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